Laybys – Tresors Sydney


Terms and Conditions

  1. All layby’s will be charged a $12.00 layby fee
  2. All layby’s require a minimum 20% deposit (initial deposit can only be paid using cash, EFTPOS savings/cheque account or gift card)
  3. All layby’s require instalments of 20% to be paid each fortnight. If you fail to make a payment, we may cancel the layby with 7 days’ notice.
  4. All layby’s will expire 63 days from date of sale.
  5. A 30% termination fee will be charged for all cancelled and expired layby’s.
  6. You may cancel your layby at any time and will receive a refund for all payments made (less termination fee as per point 5 above).
  7. Layby’s must be collected in full and cannot be separated into multiple parcels.
  8. You must advise TRESORS of any changes to your address, and must supply a valid contact number and email.
  9. Layby is not available for online purchases.