Layby Terms and Conditions – Tresors Sydney

Layby Terms and Conditions

  1. A deposit of 15% of the total purchase price is required to begin a Layby. 
  2. Regular fortnightly payments must be made. 
  3. Failure to complete payments in the specified time makes the goods & the 15% deposit liable for forfeiture. 
  4. Your Layby is to be completed by the due date. 
  5. Failure to do so will result in a $5.00 holding charge for every week goods are kept in store. 
  6. If Layby is exchanged during the Layby period it cannot be for cash. 
  7. If Layby is cancelled all monies will be refundable through a credit note/gift card in store however, the 15% deposit is payable as a cancellation fee. 
  8. Photo ID must be produced if you request a replacement Layby document, cancel this Layby or when you finalise and collect this Layby where no document can be produced. 
  9. Individual items may not be separated from a Layby parcel until final payment is received. 
  10. Information collected from this transaction will be use for processing your Layby. 
  11. Tresors is not responsible for any breakages of items after the Layby has been finalised or collected. 
  12. Our Exchange Policy is 7 days from the date of purchase. 
  13. There is no exchange or refunds on Sale Items.